Garment variances such as color, shade, size, construction, etc. do occur, outside the control of Ambient Inks LLC. For this reason, Ambient Inks LLC will not be held accountable for said variances.

Artwork Ownership

Client acknowledges that they have all licenses and rights to the images they wish to print, releasing Ambient Inks from any legal liability pertaining to copyright issues. Ambient Inks claims no ownership of any artwork provided by the client that may be subject to copyright infringement. We are simply printing the artwork. The client claims all ownership of the artwork they wish to print and will be held responsible for any copyright disputes.


A 50% payment is required prior to any work being done, unless otherwise arranged. This is when our turnaround times begin. The remaining balance is to be paid at the time of delivery/pickup. No goods will be shipped unless they have been paid for, unless otherwise arranged. 1.5% of the total invoice will be added to invoices that are 30 days past due, and will compound monthly.

Turnaround Times

Turnaround for Apparel: 8-10 business days + shipping* Turnaround for all other products: 10-15 business days + shipping* *Orders needed quicker than our standard turnarounds may incur rush fees.

Artwork Approval

Prior to starting any project, we'll send you a digital mockup to get a feel for how your product will look once printed. We ask that you approve this digital mockup via email, and that you check carefully that everything on your order is correct, including spelling, project details, placement/sizing of the artwork, etc. After approving your order, Ambient Inks LLC will not be held responsible for any corrections that were not made prior to production. Production delays resulting in corrections made after the order has been approved will be billed accordingly, unless otherwise arranged.


We always do our best to get you what you ordered, and even try to throw in a few extras when possible, however, production errors and misprints do occur. For this reason, it is an industry standard to allow an acceptable margin of error on all print orders. Most shops ask for a 8%-10% misprint allowance. At Ambient Inks, we've designed our workflow to account for 5% or less in misprint allowance. If you are expecting exact quantities, it's never a bad idea be to order extras. If we are short on the order, we will gladly refund you the costs of the items you did not get, but cannot reprint the order unless we are 5% or more short.

Claims & Reprints

If Ambient Inks LLC is responsible for printing the artwork differently than that of the approved mockup, we will gladly reprint your order. All claims must be sent to aaron@ambientinks.com within 72 hours of receiving the product. If a reprint is granted, we will send you a UPS call tag, and we ask that you ship the defective merch back to our shop prior to reprinting. Ambient Inks LLC is not responsible for any lost profits on items not received, and we cannot reprint any items that were given away, or sold prior to sending the defective items to us. For example, if you order 100 shirts, sell 20, and then make a claim to have your order reprinted, Ambient Inks will only be responsible for reprinting the 80 that remain.