Accepted File Types

If your artwork is vector based or 300DPI, good chances we’ll have no issues printing it. More specifically, we prefer the following File Types. PSD, .AI, .JPEG, .EPS, .PDF, and .TIFF.

Prepping Your Art

We require vector artwork or high resolution artwork created at 300DPI. Artwork that is created at a lower resolution will likely print blurry, and cannot be up-sampled to 300DPI. Also, it’s best to create the artwork at the size you’d like it printed, and if you need a hand with this, we’re always here to help.

Max Print Size

Although all garments are not sewn the same, the guidelines below serve as the recommended max size you should print your artwork at. Artwork that is printed larger than what it suggested will likely print over seams, causing print inconsistencies. This can be a super cool effect, if that’s the look you’re going for.

Product Templates

We’ve taken the guess work out of properly prepping your artwork for print. Download our handy dandy product templates below to get started!

icon_T-shirt icon_Posters icon_CIRCLE-ICON icon_RECT-ICON icon_OVAL-ICON icon_SQAURE-ICON
Circle Stickers
Rectangle Stickers
Oval Stickers
Square Stickers

Ambient Screen Sizes

Our standard printing size is 14″x17″ tall. For a larger printable canvas, we offer Oversize printing of 20″x28″, and Jumbo printing of 28″x39″.

Convert Text Into Outlines

To avoid having to send us the fonts you’ve used throughout your vector-based design, we suggest turning all text to outlines. Below is a quick illustration showing how to do so.

Picking Out Your Colors

If exact color matching isn’t necessary, simply chose the colors you’d like your design to be, and we’ll match them by eye. For accurate results, we offer free color matching based on the Pantone Solid Coated formula guide. Although Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop allow you to use Pantone colors, not every computer monitor will display the colors the same. For this reason, we suggest going off of a Pantone Plus Series Solid Coated Formula Guide